HP Scanjet Scanners
Part No. Description CSU Price
L2722A Scanjet 1000 Mobile Scanner $249.95
L2723A NEW! Scanjet Pro 3000 Sheet-Feed Scanner $449.00
L2715A Scanjet 5000 Sheet-Feed Scanner $799.00
L1910A Scanjet 5590 Digital Flatbed Scanner $249.95
L2706A Scanjet 7000 Sheet-Feed Scanner $999.00
Scanjet Enterprise 7000n Workstation
Scanjet Enterprise 7000nx Workstation
L2725A Scanjet Enterprise 7500 Flatbed Scanner $1499.00
L1975A Scanjet 8270 Document Flatbed Scanner $899.00
L1960A Scanjet 8300 Pro Image Scanner $499.00
L2712A Scanjet 9000 Sheet-Feed Scanner $3399.00
L2698A Scanjet G3110 Photo Scanner $109.95
L1956A Scanjet G4010 Photo Scanner $169.95
L1957A Scanjet G4050 Photo Scanner $219.95
L2700A Scanjet N6310 Document Flatbed Scanner $399.00
L2703A Scanjet N6350 Document Flatbed Scanner $899.00
L2683A Scanjet N9120 Document Flatbed Scanner $3999.00
CB472A 9250c Digital Sender $3199.00
Fujitsu Scanners
Part No. Description CSU Price
PA03643-B005 ScanSnap S1300i Document Scanner $289.00
PA03586-B005 ScanSnap S1500 Document Scanner $485.00
PA03609-B005 ScanSnap N1800 Network Scanner $1589.00
PA03544-B205 ScanSnap fi-6060ni Network Scanner $2479.00

Prices are subject to change; please confirm price prior to ordering