Part No. Description Price
HP Monitors
EM889A8 HP LA1751G 17-Inch LCD Monitor $141.00
EM887A8 HP LE1911 19-Inch LCD Monitor $138.00
EM890A8 HP LA1951G 19-Inch LCD Monitor $171.00
NM274A8 HP LA2205wg 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor $189.00
Viewsonic Monitors
VA1938wa Viewsonic 19-inch LED Monitor $119.00
VA1948m Viewsonic 19-Inch LED Monitoor $139.00
VA2248m Viewsonic 22-Inch LED Monitor $149.00
VA2223wm Viewsonic 22-inch LED Monitor $169.00
VG2228wm Viewsonic 22-Inch LED Monitor $209.00
VA2448M Viewsonic 24-inch LED Monitor $185.00
VX2450wm Viewsonic 24-inch Widescreen LED Monitor $199.00
VG2732m Viewsonic 27-inch LED Monitor $399.00


Prices are subject to change; please confirm price prior to ordering